Are you tired of the constant ups and downs with your

client acquisition strategy?

You can develop a steady flow of

clients in as little as 7 days!

As Architects We Believe...

that our main source of income

should come from design projects!

This causes us to chaise after new clients, under-cut our fees, work overtime, on a hamster-wheel which just keeps spinning and spinning, often competing for projects, under-paid and 


Have you imagined that by now you would have a much greater impact on an architectural profession, working only with clients that give you the design freedom you deserve, being paid better for your work?

You keep fighting but the change is not coming? Why? Because the old way of doing business in architecture does not work anymore. In the area of digital transformation, you need to expand your strategy online.  

Have you ever thought that the system

is designed for you to fail?

The traditional model of both architecture academia and practise

is built on your hard work, expecting you to prove yourself

every step along the way, even if it brings no measurable results. 

✗ ARCHITECTURAL EXPERTS being underpaid both by academia and practice. 

✗ A GROWING NUMBER OF PROFESSIONALS being stuck working 9-5, unhappy with their careers, afraid to start their own business simply because of not knowing how. 

✗ PRACTICE OWNERS struggling to attract high-quality clients and are lost with confusing marketing tactics, wondering what on earth is the best solution for their business. 

✗ DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION bringing new opportunities into industries, globally, leaving the Architecture sector behind. 

Starting my own business was not hard.

Maintaining it was.

5 years into having my practice I was running several constructions, was responsible for a team of 40 builders, 4 designers and the projects were not bringing in enough income to support my operation costs and pay myself a good salary. I didn't think that starting my own business in architecture is going to be this hard. 

I tried everything I could think of, but things were just not coming my way. My clients were indigenous people of Guatemala and my projects evolved around building them dignified homes. Failing was just not an option. I felt scared and clueless.

This is when a friend told me to upload our training videos online...

This simple action opened new possibilities of the online world and with that, brought transformation into my business.

Building an online presence and teaching online saved my practice.

Since then I have developed several training programs helping architects build profitable practices, leveraging digital transformation to their advantage. 




if you disconnected your

time from money?

✓ You can work with clients who appreciate you as an architect.

✓ You can take control of your time and earnings.

✓ Work on your dream projects and grow your uniqueness.

✓ You can establish yourself as an expert in your particular field and leave a legacy for future generations. 

✓ And all of this while being surrounded by same-goal-oriented architects who simply will not let you give up on your mission.




Raise your income in as little as 7 days with this

Profitable Architect Online Challenge.

What you will get:

7-day Profitable Architect Online Challenge

This challenge will take out the guesswork and overwhelm and help you implement 7 strategies to better your online presence, position yourself as an expert online and get higher quality clients.

7-day Profitable Architect Online Challenge Downloadable Workbook

This workbook will act as a guide for you and help you keep track of all your exercises to better navigate your process! You can also keep it for the future and revisit it every single time you need a reminder about successful solutions.  

Private Facebook Community

During the Challenge, you will be invited into a private Facebook community where you can share the experience with other driven Archipreneurs! Proximity is everything! We will assign you an accountability buddy who can help you reach all of your milestones!

Buy NOW to access these three exiting bonuses!

 Bonus #1


In the duration of the challenge, you will have a chance to join 3 coaching sessions and ask your questions to better navigate through the challenge. 

 Bonus #2


During this webinar, you will learn about ways which you can use to sell your digital products online.

 Bonus #3


Upon the completion of the challenge, you will get a 30-minute strategy session to custom-craft the next steps for your business!

With every challenge, I intend to overdeliver value but...

if you find it completely useless 

i will give you all your money back!

You might think I am crazy, but I want you to succeed and have 100% trust in myself to be able to teach you new, never heard before digital transformation strategies to take your Architecture Practice Online in as little as 7 days!

Try it, you have nothing to lose!

Sara Kolata

Aya Shlachter is an architect and a founder of MGS Global Group, she resides in Ohio, Illinois.

David Kesler is the founder of Kesler Architects

a San Francisco based practice.

Kirsty Pesticcio is a Senior Architect at Atkins, she lives in Wales, UK.

Natalia Mateo, Berlin, Germany

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When You Purchase The 7-day profitable

architect online challenge!

  •  7-day Profitable Architect Online Challenge (€1997 Value)
  •  7-day Profitable Architect Online Challenge Downloadable Workbook  (€197 Value)
  •  Private Facebook Community Access (€97 Value)
  •  3 Group Coaching Sessions with Q&A (€147 Value)
  •  Free webinar access (€47 Value)
  • 30 minute 1:1 strategy session with Sara Kolata (€97 Value)

Total Value: 2582

But today, you're getting all of this...

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