Arch Talk: Tank

Arch Talk: Tank is conversation series on all things business of architecture, digital marketing, expert positioning-related.

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Did you know, there are more existing buildings in the world than websites? Yet only .0001% have been digitised. In response to this, the Integrated Projects team launched BIMIT to digitise any space imaginable: offices, homes, mechanical spaces... you name it!

Now, any architect, engineer, or reality capture specialist can convert their 3D scan into LOD200 BIM in hours, not weeks or months. Why does this matter? Well, now we can accurately view, verify, and quantify the spaces we design, build, and operate.

MGS Global Group, a team that provides on-demand CAD and BIM drafting as well as renderings for architecture firms.

In today's environment with everyone experiencing a surge in projects and staffing challenges, MGS Global can deliver your drawings on time and within your budget. Their customer service is exceptional and they provide quality for value. They have completed over 5000 projects worldwide, a testament of their work. Now you can focus on design, and let MGS do the rest.