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"The Facebook group is a place for my learning, community building and belonging." - Enrique, Mexico

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Arch Talk: Tank on Education

Arch Talk: Tank on Education is personal research towards the betterment of architecture education globally. The research is looking specifically into education methodology post covid and exploring its potential in the digital realm.

Arch Talk: Tank

Arch Talk: Tank is a conversation series I host regularly with industry experts discussing the various business of architecture related matters. Hosting a debate about best practices and bringing it back to the community is a valuable source of information for everyone.

Value of an Architect

Value of an Architect is a weekly podcast series and an online community of Architects seeking to enrich the value of all architects through conversations on business, architecture, lifestyle and various socio-economic happenings affecting the wellbeings of Architects.


Writing is my passion. Outside of working on three book projects I also regularly write articles on topics of business, profitability, marketing and communications for Architects. All my blog entries are based on extensive cross-disciplinary and expert writing.

Content Marketing for Architects: How to position yourself as an expert online?

The major benefit of content marketing is attracting more leads to your business.

Social media positioning for most designers and architects is not anything new. We gladly post well thought through, beautifully captured photos of our designs on Instagram and Pinterest. We write articles about our achievements in the area of design and share them on LinkedIn, Facebook as well as online magazines.

Architecture: A disguised career.

There is a huge differentiation between architecture practices in comparison to actual jobs. Reality hits hard when you realize that things are way different from what they told you in school.

A sensible correction to this circumstance should be to reduce the dominance of the traditional and obsolete ways of approaching the career and making them part of a more balanced whole, rather than occupying the central position they occupy today.

What is the difference between teaching online and turning your online teaching into a business?

Globally, the faculty is teaching online as we speak.

What that means is that teachers, under their full-time employment duties use virtual tools such as zoom to teach online.

This form of teaching almost always is in real-time.

That means the teacher/ mentor shows up for his students in real-time to coach.