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Welcome to Sarakolata, your new cloud gaming centre where amazing gaming worlds are made accessible from any device. Here at Sarakolata, we believe that games can and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the technical capabilities of their hardware.

Sarakolata offers a rich selection of genres, from epic RPGs and thrilling strategy games to fast-paced shooters and addictive casual games. Thanks to cloud technology, all games on our platform launch quickly and run smoothly on your computer, tablet or smartphone, without requiring any extra effort or hardware investment from you.

We don’t just provide access to games – we create a community. Sarakolata is a place where players can socialise, share experiences and even participate in joint events and tournaments. Our goal is not only to entertain you, but also to connect you with other gaming fans from around the world.

Join Sarakolata today and start exploring new gaming experiences without borders. Let every game open up a new world of adventure for you!

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Little Big Fighters

Little Big Fighters is an action survival game where you'll embark on a thrilling journey to show the world who truly reigns supreme in the arena of combat.

Merge Racers

Merge Racers is an idle game in which you have to cover the entire planet with expensive cars. Buy and merge identical cars to create better ones.

Hanoi 3D

Hanoi 3D is a challenging logic puzzle game that tasks you with stacking rings of the same color, from large to small. Test your strategic thinking and spatial reasoning.

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